If you’ve ever dreamed about your own home overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea, now is the ideal time to seize the opportunity in Roatan.

This stunning tropical island offers all the amenities you want in a pristine natural setting that’s hard to find elsewhere in the Caribbean. You won’t find high-rise condos and hotels lining the beaches here; Roatan is filled with Caribbean charm and picturesque views.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this enchanting isle. Roatan’s fame has grown enormously over the past few years – it’s only a matter of time before property prices skyrocket, just like the rest of the Caribbean islands.

Life in Pristine Bay Roatan

When you daydream about your ideal lifestyle, how does it look? How about a tropical island with gorgeous views, modern architecture, and luxury amenities? Maybe an infinity pool on the patio and a world-class golf course in your backyard. If this is your daydream, trust me, you’re dreaming of life in Pristine Bay Roatan. Where is Pristine Bay? Pristine Bay is a luxury community built along Roatan’s north shore in French Harbour. Convenience to shopping, ...
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Move Overseas to Escape American Politics

I think we can all agree – across the political spectrum – that this U.S. Presidential election cycle has been a crazy one. The coverage has been nonstop for so long, and we haven’t even started the debates yet! So here’s a solution: move overseas to escape American politics. Part of the beauty of living in another country is not being surrounded by the same conversation constantly. You won’t be inundated with the ridiculous headlines ...
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Buying Land in Roatan to Build Your Dream Home

Buying land in Roatan can be the ideal way to make your island dream a reality. Whether the current real estate inventory isn’t what you had in mind, or you’re aiming for a longer-term project, buying land can be the perfect solution. We have multiple lots available now that offer great pricing and endless opportunities. Take a look! Buy Land in Lighthouse Estates There are two prime lots in Lighthouse Estates, located on Roatan’s south ...
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Roatan Properties: Styles and Design

Living on a tropical island is a dream come true…powder white sand beaches, turquoise water gently lapping the shore, stunning sunshine filtering through the palm trees. This is life in Roatan, with no exaggeration needed. If you’re considering making the move to Roatan, take a look at the variety of Roatan properties we have available with different styles and designs. Styles and design can vary greatly on the island, from traditional Caribbean to modern sprawling ...
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Houses and Condos on the Island of Roatan

Anytime you’re moving to a new home, it’s important to understand your destination and the pros and cons of home design. On the tropical island of Roatan, you might encounter very different circumstances than what you’re used to back home. A tropical environment with unique critters and climate can mean a different style of home is necessary. Before you choose your new home in the Caribbean, here’s an idea of the differences between houses and ...
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Infinity Bay Condos for Sale

The prestigious beachfront condo community of Infinity Bay boasts a total 145 condos overlooking the picturesque Caribbean Sea. Infinity Bay condos for sale offer new owners flexible use with no time restrictions, while also offering on-site rental property management. Owning an Infinity Bay condo is ideal for snowbirds seeking a Caribbean winter escape, with bonus income on rentals throughout the remainder of the year. Owning a vacation home in the Caribbean is the dream – ...
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Where to Stay On Roatan: Choose the Location Best for You

Our weather is always tropical, our waters azure blue and our beaches pristine! If you are considering our lovely island for your upcoming summer vacation, winter getaway or your new dive destination, let me help you narrow down your search for accommodations. Roatan offers a wide variety of of accommodations from luxury resorts, beachfront hotels, B&B's, private homes , bungalows and hostels. To help you get started I have put together a list of areas ...
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