If you’ve ever dreamed about your own home overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea, now is the ideal time to seize the opportunity in Roatan.

This stunning tropical island offers all the amenities you want in a pristine natural setting that’s hard to find elsewhere in the Caribbean. You won’t find high-rise condos and hotels lining the beaches here; Roatan is filled with Caribbean charm and picturesque views.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this enchanting isle. Roatan’s fame has grown enormously over the past few years – it’s only a matter of time before property prices skyrocket, just like the rest of the Caribbean islands.

Living in Roatan Honduras

Do you ever want to just slow down life and take the time to enjoy each moment? Sometimes it feels like life rushes by and suddenly we’re looking back wondering where the years went. There are bills to pay and errands to run; the to do list never ends. Happiness and contentment always seem to be just out of reach. But that isn’t how life is everywhere. Living in Roatan Honduras means slowing down, appreciating ...
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Roatan Real Estate Report 2015

Roatan saw incredible change in 2015, which gives us reason to believe that 2016 will be a huge year for the island. In terms of real estate, 2015 was the first rapid growth year since before the worldwide recession and resulting recovery. Home sales saw a huge increase, and construction continues, offering even more inventory throughout the island. But it’s not just the real estate market in 2015 that has us all optimistic about next ...
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Caribbean Vacation Home for a Winter Escape

I have a secret to tell you about Roatan. Are you ready? This is the best island to buy a Caribbean vacation home for a winter escape. You might think I’m biased – which I obviously am – but at least hear me out. This isn’t merely a random claim from a Roatan real estate agent. Roatan is the best location for your Caribbean vacation home investment, and here’s why… Roatan is the best Caribbean ...
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Beachfront Condo Community in Roatan

If you’re dreaming of owning your own island real estate, living the beach lifestyle and embracing a carefree attitude, then you should be looking for a beachfront condo in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, many islands have incredibly high real estate prices, leaving the average buyer completely out of luck for a beachfront condo. Fortunately for you, there is a beachfront condo community in Roatan with your name on it. Infinity Bay Beach Resort was one of ...
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Roatan Real Estate in 15 Pictures!

Wave Crushing Iron Shore Infinity Edge Pool meets the Caribbean Sea White Sand and Palm Trees Name Your Home Caribbean Views from Bedroom Scuba Gear Shop Sail Boat in Marina Candy Cane Sunset Caribbean Colors Pineapple Skies, Skies, Skies Made in Roatan Gift Shop Keep Calm Keep Walking Relax   ...
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Affordable Real Estate in the Caribbean

For many people, the dream of owning a home on a tropical island is pure paradise. Wake up to the sounds of waves lapping softly on the beach, marvel at yet another stunningly vibrant sunset every evening…this is the dream. But do you assume that owning a home in paradise costs a fortune? It doesn’t have to. There are so many options for affordable real estate in the Caribbean, and we have them all right ...
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