About Jorge Chavez, Roatan Real Estate Specialist

After 22 years living and working in the U.S., I was ready for a lifestyle change. I wanted to enjoy life every day, instead of watching it pass me by.

I understand exactly what you’re looking for in Roatan because I’ve been there, too. I’ve daydreamed about the palm trees and the hammock swaying in the breeze. I’ve imagined life at a slower pace, where I can walk along the beach with my morning coffee, and enjoy a sunset while chatting with friends. And I made my dreams come true…I found that life here in Roatan.

Being Honduran grants me insider knowledge and experience with local laws and regulations, while having spent decades living in the U.S. helps me to facilitate your expat experience. I’ve walked in your shoes and I’m happily made the transition to life in Roatan. I have been working as a Roatan Real Estate Agent for the past five years, in addition to my ten years of experience in home building and project management.

I’m also certified as a Resort and Second Home Property Specialist, an International Real Estate Specialist, and I’m the only real estate agent in Roatan with two NAR (National Association of Realtors) certifications. You will find me all over social media, because I feel it’s important to have a finger on the pulse of Roatan for better insight to share with my clients.

Beyond simply helping you to find your dream home, I want to help you get involved in your new local community to make your expat transition easy and fun. I feel passionate about Roatan and the lifestyle here, and I truly love showing others the many wonderful things that Roatan has to offer. Contact me today to make your Roatan real estate dream come true..